November 14

I Have Too Many Books

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I have about 300 books in my house, way too many books for me to read. Most of them aren’t even mine, you see my mom’s a doctor so most of the books in our house are about medical stuff. To me that seems sort of boring. Though 300  may seem like a lot of books, it’s not! I mean I have books, I just don’t read them. None of them are really good. They’re just about girls who meet each other and then become sisters. That’s cool I guess.

But there was this one time when I read this really good book by Erin Hunter. It’s called Warrior Cats. You may have heard about it. It’s pretty good. There’s about thirty books in the series. If you like fantasy, then this book is for you. Although it does have a lot of suspense, the plot and story line are both fantastic! You do need a quiet space to read this book. It also requires advanced reading skills but you should stick with it. 

You know how sometimes you want to do something, like you really want to do something, but you don’t know what. That’s why I’m thankful  books are a thing. The only annoying thing is finding a book, especially for me. I will take hours just to find a book. When I find a book I usually don’t like it, so that’s fun. I guess it’s good to have a bunch of books, even though I usually read online. I’m glad that I have all the reading supplies that I need. It makes it so much easier to read.


November 1

Window Or Mirror


Today I will be talking about a book called Dear Rosie and telling if it’s a window or a mirror. First we have to know what a window is. A window is something that doesn’t relate to you. A mirror is something that does relate to you. This book is about a girl named Millie and her friends. They are trying to navigate losing a very special person.

So while this girl named Millie is working in her family’s shop, someone comes in and leaves a mysterious book on the counter. When the shop closes she decides to look through it. Then she remembers that this could be someone’s personal information. The next day when she goes to school her and her friends decide to celebrate their past friends birthday. And when she goes home to work at the store that her family owns the notebook is still there so she decides to go through it. When she’s done she finds out that it’s her friend’s old notebook. So the next day she shows it to her friends. They are all determined to find out where it came from and what it means. So that night they follow a map in the notebook and find an abandoned mine. They decide to go back home because it’s a school night. Millie just can’t wait to find out this whole mystery so she sets back off to the mine alone. There she finds something amazing. Inside the mine there is a wall that says ROSIE in bold pink bubble letters. Surely Rosie wrote this before she died. When she goes back to school she takes her friends to this place. They are all sure that Rosie did this. This book is a window for me. First of all I don’t have a friend that died. Second of all, my family does not own a store, but I think this book is very good. 

October 16

Things I Did

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Things I did that I wish I didn’t.

Is it just me or does everybody do  things that aren’t smart  for no reason? For instance, when I was younger I would brush my teeth BEFORE I ate. I don’t know what I was thinking. At the time I probably thought I was the best person ever but now I’ll go back and rethink all of the things I’ve done in my life. I can do  better. Another thing I’ve done is putting on my pjs BEFORE GOING IN THE SHOWER. It’s not my fault (yes it is). You see the thing is I never pay attention to what I’m doing. I’ll put away my homework even if I haven’t finished it yet! I guess my brain is thinking, “Eh it’s okay, I’ll turn in a late assignment NO, NO VENIA  IT’S NOT OKAY, YOU WILL NOT TURN IN A LATE ASSIGNMENT!” I have an announcement. I need to tell you about the  time when I put a fork in the microwave. Don’t judge, okay just don’t, it’s just…. I can’t do this anymore at this point in my life. I don’t even know what I’m doing with it. Now we get to talk about my past obsession with experimenting things. Okay so I used to love experimenting so much I decided to cut the wire from my headphones….. yeah I don’t really know what was going on in my brain. Hey, I was six. I did not know any better. Look forward to my next blog FRIEND GROUPS.

September 27

Camp Kirkwood

Even though Camp Kirkwood was not what I expected, I had a good time. Some fun activities we did were the kanga jump which was basically a huge bouncy marshmallow , zipline, pool and the V-swing and so what would happen is people would pull you up on a rope and you will unlatch yourself and swing.  Though the food was not the best I still enjoyed it. The first night was okay but thanks to the cozy cabin and my friends I fell sound asleep.

The next morning was still a little damp. The yummy food gave me a good start to the day. Then we did orienteering and in my opinion Mat was the best to hang out with he was kind, cool and funny. It was cool that we got to learn how to use a compass and meeting Bubbles the pig was very fun and entertaining. I also really liked playing battle ball even though the girls lost the first game we came back and won the second one. I’m so thankful to all the staff and teachers who made this possible. I had a really fun time and the  s’mores were delicious.

Thank you so much and if you 5th graders go to Camp Kirkwood I guarantee you’ll have a great time.